Stephen A. Heitmann -- ideas for The Green New Deal

Energy Sources
Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

MOLTEN SALT NUCLEAR REACTORS (MSRs) safely operate on liquid Fluoride Thorium, eliminating the need for hazardous uranium or plutonium. image MSRs are liquid-fueled reactors that can be used for production of electricity, production of hydrogen, and production of fissile fuels. They do not produce hazardous radioactive waste. Proven for 60 years, this type of nuclear reactor is not hazardous and substantially more efficient than uranium or plutonium reactors. Moreover, weapons-grade material is not a possible by-product from an MSR.

Dr. Alvin Weinberg, inventor of the Light Water Reactor (LWR) and progenitor of the Nuclear Era, opposed civil use of LWRs for safety reasons—all validated by Three Mile Island and Fukushima. He promoted inherently safe reactors, which includes MSRs, whose safety does not depend on engineered systems but rather on processes based on laws of nature.